JobQuoter is our soon to be released service that brings service providers and homeowners together in a unique environment.

With JobQuoter the homeowner gets to make job requests anonymously and service providers get to provide quotes without the hassle of working in a pay-per-quote environment. Once the quote period is over and the homeowner selects the winning service provider, the two are connected so that the job can get done! Think about it… Homeowners can request services without worrying about receiving sales pressure and service providers have direct marketing exposure to the actual people looking for their services. This is a win-win for the homeowner and the service providers!

Core features of JobQuoter

JobQuoter is a service designed to put you in front of multiple professionals anonymously so that you may choose the one you want to work with without continuous solicitations. As the quotes come in, you are notified and can compare each quote.

Search for Services

You search JobQuoter for services you are looking for.

Matching Service Providers

You are matched up with service professionals who can provide quotes to you. The service professional only knows the details about your job, your first name and the city/state the job is located.

Notification of Matches

As the quotes come in, you are notified and can compare each quote.

JobQuoter Process

JobQuoter is an easy way to get job quotes from services providers offering the services you are looking for. Here is how it works...

Search for Services

You'll look through services currently avaliable and make a selection.

Enter Job Details

You'll be asked to enter your contact details and some job specific questions. The only information shared with the professionals is your first name, city and state.

Professionals Quote

Your job details are matched up with the professionals who provide the services you are looking for.They review the job and provide quotes. You'll be emailed as the quotes start coming in.

Select The Winner

Once you find a service professional that you want to complete your job, you select them. At that time your contact information is shared with the professional.

Everyone Wins!

You get a qualified professional and the professionals get jobs!